Understanding Elasticity

Progress by exploiting the elasticity of metals

EMATronics is the inventor of the highly sensitive EMATRUS technology for the nondestructive testing (NDT) of metallic components. We use non-contact vibration analysis to determine the elastic properties of materials with high accuracy and detect defects such as cracks and pores that cannot be detected by conventional methods.

Your Benefits

Ensure the highest product quality and customer satisfaction
through fast and contactless defect detection

With the EMATRUS technology for nondestructive testing developed by EMATronics, we find cracks and other defects that cannot be detected with conventional methods. We carry out non-destructive and non-contact testing of the most delicate components during production, as finished components and over their entire service life. Ensure maximum customer satisfaction by ensuring that only parts that meet the required production quality leave the factory.

Develop better products and shorten development times
through knowledge of elastic properties

Thanks to an order of magnitude higher precision compared to the state of the art, we determine Young’s modulus, shear modulus and Poisson’s ratio with high precision and direction-dependent. Protect yourself against nasty surprises and reduce development times and costs with more accurate simulations and a better understanding of materials.


EMATRUS measures the resonant frequencies of components as a whole. Comparison with reference data enables accurate, fast and automated non-destructive testing. Defects or deviations that affect the structural behaviour are detected immediately.

The non-contact nature of EMATRUS makes it particularly suitable for delicate components.

From the resonant frequencies measured with EMATRUS, we determine Young’s modulus, shear modulus and Poisson’s ratio with high precision – anisotropically and nondestructively.

Thanks to its non-contact function, we can determine these important properties on samples in the form of blocks, cylinders, plates and even thin wires.

Our Offer

Measurement as a Service

for determining the elastic properties of metals and for quality testing. The complete solution covers the entire process from the initial contact to the submission of the report.

Inspection Systems

customer specific from inspection modules to complete solutions. EMATronics is not just a supplier, but also supports you as a dependable partner during subsequent operation.

Consulting and Engineering

for your specific challenges. As experts in the elasticity of metals and their role in the product life cycle, we support you with in-depth knowledge.

About EMATronics

Picture of the two founders. Pascal on the left and Marvin on the right.
The two co-founders of EMATronics Pascal Büchel and Marvin Bühler

At EMATronics, we combine exceptional measurement technology with many years of industry experience and multidisciplinary expertise to provide specialised support and engineering in the fields of elasticity, measurement technology and mechanics.


When a project is completed and the machine is running, you are not on your own. Know-how transfer and long-term support are a matter of course for us. EMATronics is not just a supplier, but also accompanies you as a dependable partner during subsequent operation.


Your needs take centre stage. Whether it is a long-term development project, a temporary obstacle or a time-critical production disruption, we will work with you to find a format and a solution that suits you.


We only realise projects that we are convinced will bring you real benefits. We measure ourselves by your success.

What can we do for you?

Simply contact us by e-mail at info@ematronics.ch, by phone on +41 76 347 21 90  or via the form:

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